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Check out the following articles and offerings to help you formalize a design strategy for your business.

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Building a Design Strategy for Your Business – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

Building a Design Strategy for Your Business – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE INTRODUCTION Prime Encode was formed to aid designers and other creatives and to create a community where ideas can be shared and work can be done collaboratively. Our core objective is to create a means for designers and developers to improve workflows, and to…
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Techniques for Maintaining Business Health During COVID-19

Techniques for Maintaining Business Health During COVID-19 Business owners everywhere have faced major challenges when it comes to keeping their companies going during the pandemic. This is especially true for businesses such as bars, gyms, restaurants, and retail shops, which can’t easily transition to a virtual or socially-distant model. However, as vaccine distribution gets underway,…


Even if you haven't had a bad experience before there are a lot of sharks out there and it's easy to take advantage of small businesses who don’t have a lot of knowledge about websites, technology or design.  I am here to show you that every small business is different and there isn’t one right answer to how you should put yourself out there.  Here are a few reasons why you should trust us with providing your business with our services.

We are good listeners and truly care about your business.

We don't "up-sell", we "right-sell"

We have over 15 years in the field

We want to enable business like yours to grow in our community and enable you to work with other small businesses in the area that are a good fit.  And if those reasons are not enough check out these kind words from our fans.


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