Small Business Has a Big Impact

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An astounding majority of businesses in the US are small businesses. Small business owners outnumber CEOs by approximately 150 to 1 – there are more than 31 million small businesses compared to just more than 202,000 CEOs in the United States. As a whole, small businesses are more creative and forward-thinking than larger companies; in fact, small businesses create 16 times more patents and feature more women and minorities in positions of leadership.

Today, Prime Encode Creative Design Services offers tips on how to get started.

Startup Tasks

An obvious first step is to know what you’re going to do. Next, come up with a business name that’s both memorable and accurately reflects what you do. It can also help to have a DBA, which is essentially an alias you can use if you decide to branch out later on. A DBA is also helpful if you can’t get your business name as your domain name.

Speaking of your domain name, make sure that your website is professionally hosted and designed in a way that makes sense for both desktop and mobile users. Even though you’re a small business, you want to expand your reach as far as possible. Ensure your website has the functions your customers want, such as having the option to buy and pay directly from your site or app. If you tend to sell more higher-end items, consider investing in a payment system that features a bank account balance API, which is a useful tool that ensures your customers have the money they owe you before they can run their card. This saves them headaches and reduces expensive credit card fees. You should also select which payment processor works best for both you and your business. PayPal, Square, and Apple Pay are all solid options, but make sure the platform you select is easy to use and has all the features you need.

Once you are set up and ready to go, look for ways to engage in your local community. Depending on what you do, there are likely events and opportunities throughout the year. Farmers' markets, health and safety fairs, sporting events, sports boosters, and even school carnivals are all great ways to get your name out and get involved.

Ongoing Endeavors

You’ve already chosen a name and a website, but these are not the only marketing tasks you have to manage. In addition to maintaining your presence on the web, you should also get innovative when it’s time to leave a tangible reminder of your services with your customers. T-shirts, free samples, and print materials all fit the bill. If you’re looking to put together a pamphlet about your products or services, or you need a business card that will leave a lasting impression, team up with designers like Prime Encode to design and print them for you.

As you begin to grow, you may find that some of your products and services aren’t quite in demand. This is when it’s time to do niche research. According to the Handshake blog, you can use keyword research tools online to help you find out exactly what people are looking for. You might also notice that people tend to buy certain things at the same time, and you can make it more convenient for your customers to order by offering bundles.

Another important step for all small businesses is to network. Even if you have already made your name known in the community, make a point to join industry groups and local networking organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, or Rotary Club International.

To recap: small businesses are crucial to the American economy. They create jobs and are more prevalent throughout the US than all of the C-suite combined. Getting started means handling many tasks that you may have never done before, including marketing and establishing a business structure. But, no matter the perceived challenges, starting a business within your local community is one of the most satisfying things you’ll ever do, and, with hard work and perseverance, you can be a success both in a brick-and-mortar and a digital environment.

If you need assistance with conducting competitor research or creating top-notch print materials for your company, get in touch with Prime Encode today.

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